Accurate Time Synchronization in live network Vodafone

Press release
Amsterdam, The Netherlands; February 15, 2017

OPNT and Tallgrass are proud to announce that a Proof of Concept for distributing accurate timing through the live Vodafone network has been very successful, exceeding all customer expectations. Time was delivered with an astonishingly small error of less than 1 nanosecond over a cascade of four sites, spanning a total distance of 320 km.
This remarkable feat represents the world’s first successful deployment of so-called White Rabbit timing in the production network of a commercial operator

“The fantastic outcome of this Proof of Concept is the result of a close cooperation between Vodafone, Tallgrass and OPNT engineers. Achieving this accuracy in a live core-network while demonstrating the plug and play solution, the ease of implementation and calibration is noteworthy.” said Marco Gorter, CEO of OPNT.

“One of the key factors in building next generation networks for mobile operators is accurate clock signals throughout the network. By combining the technology from OPNT and the field services experience from Tallgrass, we have provided a unique solution that could very well become the new industry standard.” said Reindert Hommes, CEO of Tallgrass.

About OPNT

OPNT is the first worldwide provider of short and long haul timing solutions based on White Rabbit Ethernet, whose development was initiated by CERN and which greatly improves on the accuracy of the existing IEEE 1588v2 and Synchronous Ethernet standards. OPNT’s implementation is highly flexible, allowing retrofit solutions in existing networks with no need for replacement of legacy equipment or sacrificing valuable telecom capacity. With OPNT, network owners now have the unique opportunity to distribute and control GPS-quality timing everywhere in their own infrastructure, doing away with the inevitable third-party dependence of GPS receivers, as well as their risk of jamming and high operational expenditure.

About Tallgrass

Tallgrass aims to be the best of breed when it comes to delivering high quality services to fiber optic networks. This starts with careful preparation, good planning and clear communication. We work with a team committed to solving your network challenges by taking over the ownership of the task at hand. We will hand over the optical network when all operations are back to normal. This is what defines Tallgrass.

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For more information, please contact:

  • Marco Gorter
  • Reindert Hommes