OPNT Achieves Network Timing Synchronization Exceeding GPS – Announced Back-up to GPS and Launches Timing as a Service

Press release
June 5, 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands

AMSTERDAMJune 5, 2019  

Today OPNT, the premier provider of GPS-independent timing accuracy, announces the successful trial of a round-trip link between DC and Atlanta (over 1,300 miles) to greater than +/-25 nanosecond precision. This trial was completed entirely within standard optical network infrastructure with no reliance on GPS – today’s primary source for global timing and location based applications. With this accomplishment, OPNT also announces the launch of its global “timing as a service” offering, GTTS.

OPNT’s accomplishment is transformative for the future of 5G network technology, but also future autonomous driving, the smart grid, financial transactions, data transfers and many more applications that all rely on the ability to synchronize time in the network. Because OPNT’s timing is not dependent on GPS, it can cost-effectively replace GPS in many applications or provide back-up insurance against possible GPS attacks or other cases where GPS is not available.

Finally an alternative for satellite based timing: OPNT Global Terrestrial Timing Service (GTTS)

OPNT has developed a time synchronization solution that provides customers an alternative to both GPS based timing and expensive product purchases with high ongoing support costs. GTTS functions by utilizing the already deployed fiber-optic infrastructure, making timing more reliable and cost effective while also supporting better accuracy than is currently available. Having previously delivered ultra-precision picosecond levels over long-distance single-fiber based implementations such as in Vodafone’s network in the Netherlands, OPNT has now demonstrated very high precision results over commodity long-distance networks.

“We started in 2014 with the idea to sell equipment to the telecommunications industry. Soon we discovered that there is a $100+ Billion global market dependent on timing that faces serious risks from its high degree of dependence upon GPS. From that insight we worked to develop and realize a complete terrestrial-based timing solution that could serve all market accuracy, reliability, and price points from a single platform. With the addition of this commodity network-based capability to our portfolio we are pleased to announce the launch of our global timing as a service, GTTS,” said Monty Johnson, CEO of OPNT.

OPNT’s timing as a service is based on 5 years of R&D from a dedicated team of engineers that has culminated in the timing solution available today. The innovative and disruptive technology has been conceived to satisfy a growing need for timing solutions and to offer unprecedented time accuracy and reliability to key stakeholders.

“CenturyLink is focused on bringing technology solutions to our customers. We’re proud to provide OPNT with the secure fiber optic connectivity it needs to deliver this critical timing capability that is not dependent on GPS,” said CenturyLink’s Chief Security Officer Chris Betz.

OPNT timing as a service deployments are currently underway within the US in AtlantaChicagoNew York/New Jersey, and Washington, D.C., as well as the Netherlands.

About OPNT

OPNT (Optical Positioning, Navigation and Timing) is a spin-off of the VU University Amsterdam’s research on delivery of ultra-precision timing and precision location via fiber-optics based networks. It is backed by venture capital firm Cottonwood Technology Fund. OPNTs “timing as a service” offering integrates GPS-quality timing and beyond, with the flexibility and reliability of standard telecom networks.


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For more information, please contact Monty Johnson, CEO OPNT B.V., m.johnson@opnt.nl