OPNT collaborates with NIST on development of GPS-Free backup for timing systems in USA.

OPNT supports the response of NIST on the requirements of the Executive Order on strengthening U.S. technological resilience.

The initial link is a collaboration between NIST and OPNT, a commercial time-service provider based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. While the work was led by researchers at NIST’s Boulder, Colorado, campus, the dedicated optical fiber connects the reference time scale at NIST headquarters in Gaithersburg, Maryland, to a facility in McLean, Virginia, that will ultimately serve as the hub for East Coast distribution of timing data.

OPNT has extended the initial fiber link to Atlanta, Georgia, about 800 kilometers from McLean. Preliminary data suggest that this link will be able to support the requirements of the Executive Order. NIST and OPNT have also begun a study of a West Coast link that will provide similar fiber-based time service to San Jose, California, and other locations in Silicon Valley from the NIST time scale in Boulder, Colorado.
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For more information, please contact Simone le Feber at s.l.feber@opnt.nl.