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White Rabbit Switch

OPNT is a provider of the 18 Port White Rabbit Switch (WRS-3/18), a key component of many White Rabbit networks. White Rabbit combines optical Gigabit Ethernet connectivity with accurate, reliable, and deterministic time and frequency synchronization, achieving time transfer with sub-nanosecond accuracy over distances of more than 100 km of optical fiber. In combination with OPNT’s unique range of optical amplifiers and optical multiplexers, the range of White Rabbit can be further extended to many hundreds of kilometers, and White Rabbit wavelengths can be made to run in parallel with existing signals in fiber-optic networks.



  • Sub-nanosecond time synchronization accuracy
  • Optional Low-Jitter Daughterboard factory installed
  • Truly phase-coherent replicas of 1 PPS and 10 MHz signals at each node
  • Optical Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and switching capacity
  • Autonomous and reliable operation
  • 18 SFP interfaces supporting multiple and configurable network time protocols
  • Housed in a standard 1U 19’’ case
  • Easy to configure through remote interface


Compared with previous incarnations of the White Rabbit Switch, the OPNT WRS-3/18 comes with a number of additional features, such as robust SFP cages and improved thermal management. OPNT can also deliver the OPNT WRS-3/18 with a factory installed Low-Jitter Daughterboard. The Low-Jitter Daughterboard significantly reduces phase noise and improves long-term frequency stability.

Detailed information about the OPNT WRS-3/18 can be found on the Open Hardware Repository.

White Rabbit project

White Rabbit technology was originally developed at CERN for their timing distribution network which needed to meet the tight time constraints of their large-scale systems. Today, White Rabbit is found both in academic and industrial applications. White Rabbit is backward compatible with IEEE 1588-2008 and Synchronous Ethernet and is to be implemented in the upcoming IEEE 1588-2019 standard as the High Accuracy profile.

OPNT Services

The technical team of OPNT can support customers during all phases of their project. Services include: technical support, network design, creating a deployment plan, installation, and calibration. OPNT also offers a range of advanced, network-grade White Rabbit solutions, offering additional features such as redundant timing links, network management software, and backward compatibility with virtually all PTPv2 protocols.

For more specifications of the OPNT White Rabbit Switch, price information, or any other information about OPNT products and services, please contact or fill in our contact form.

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