Jeffrey K. Harris joins OPNT’s Advisory Board

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands; January 22, 2018


Jeffrey K. Harris, former Director NRO and President Lockheed Missile and Space is joining OPNT’s Advisory Board

OPNT, a systems provider for highly accurate and GPS-independent time distribution through fiber-optic telecommunication networks, is honored to announce today that Jeffrey K. Harris, has joined OPNT’s Advisory Board.


OPNT stands for Optical Positioning, Navigation and Timing. The company has developed and demonstrated precision clock technology allowing diverse fiber optic network time synchronization that can enable improved reliability and higher network throughput and security.  This system works in tandem with the widely-used global satellite positioning (GPS) systems and national/local reference standards. Network time synchronization is increasingly crucial for network optimization and improved accurate positioning for autonomous vehicle operations. In 2017 OPNT achieved the world’s first successful deployment and validation of the EU-CERN defined White Rabbit timing in an operational production network of a commercial operator (Vodafone).


“I couldn’t be more pleased to join OPNT’s Advisory Board. What they are doing related to next generation time synchronization in the optical network is truly unique. The OPNT technology is a necessary next step across the global infrastructure to improve functionality, security and reliability. Optical Network Timing is now of major business importance in numerous market verticals including financial, telecom, defense and energy industries. The range of applications is intriguing as we can now use time precision to enable solutions to here-to-fore vexing problems.  I look forward to supporting OPNT marketplace success,” said Jeffrey K. Harris

“We couldn’t be more honored to have Mr. Harris join our Advisory Board. He has shown a unique ability to recognize new technologies that can dramatically impact the industry. Receiving his endorsement puts us in good company,” said Marco Gorter, CEO of OPNT.


About Jeffrey K. Harris

Jeffrey K. Harris is the former Director of the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), former Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Space; and former President of Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space Company. He has contributed to US national security in both Government and Industry where he has fostered new technologies, programs and capabilities. He contributed to the initial success of the GNAT 750, a predecessor to the PREDATOR, while at the CIA. He has also served as President of Space Imaging, the first company to commercially provide high-resolution satellite imagery and information products of the Earth. He is the Chairman of the Open Geospatial Consortium and the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation. He is a member of the United States Energy Security Council. Harris serves on the RIT Board of Trustees, and has received numerous awards, notably the National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal, the CIA Distinguished Service Medal, the NRO Medal for Distinguished Service, the US GeoSpatial Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award and the James V. Hartinger Award for military space achievement.  He also served as strategic advisor to Skybox Imaging, acquired by Google for approximately $500M.


About OPNT

OPNT is the first worldwide provider of short and long-haul timing solutions based on White Rabbit Ethernet, whose development was initiated by CERN and which greatly improves on the accuracy of the existing IEEE 1588v2 and Synchronous Ethernet standards. OPNT’s implementation is highly flexible, allowing retrofit solutions in existing networks with no need for replacement of legacy equipment or sacrificing valuable telecom capacity. With OPNT enabled networks, owners now have the opportunity to distribute and control precision timing across their infrastructure, improving network performance and eliminating singular (third-party) dependence on GPS receivers.



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